Pimly brings the power of product experience management into your Salesforce org, enabling your Sales, Customer Service, and other Salesforce users with fully configurable digital catalogs, sell sheets, and additional eCommerce-like product experiences.

Pimly easily connects your existing PIM (Salsify, InRiver, Akeneo) to your Salesforce CRM to enable:

Real-time Product Information & Images

Close deals faster and provide better customer service with always up-to-date product sell sheets and digital catalogs

Simple & Efficient User Experience

Approved product information and images easily accessible to all in one place, your Salesforce org

Tailored Selling & Service

Configure product pages and digital catalog views to specific customer channels, geographies, experience sites, and other segments

Expanded Product Audiences

Deliver eCommerce-like product experiences to all internal and external stakeholders

Create Amazing Product Experiences in your Salesforce org

Sales Cloud

Enable sales teams with always up-to-date product sell sheets and digital catalogs

Service Cloud

Provide service teams with advanced product & replacement part information from your Salsify PIM system

Experience Cloud

Create amazing product experiences with microsites, distributor, partner, and customer portals & sites

B2B Commerce Cloud

Easily sync with your Salsify PIM to create seamless self service product purchasing experiences

Consumer Goods Cloud

Increase in-store sales by maximizing Account Managers' time with buyers and managers

Health & Manufacturing Clouds

Model & view advanced product hierarchies, related products, and product bundles

Additional Key Features

  • Natively built on the Salesforce Platform

  • Enterprise security and compliance

  • Fully implemented and maintained with clicks not code

  • No middleware needed

  • Minimize integration costs

  • Built by Salesforce and PIM experts

How It Works

Pimly installs into your Salesforce org.  Install it from the Salesforce AppExchange.  Once installed, connect to your existing PIM (Salsify, InRiver, Akeneo) or other data sources.  Configure your Salesforce clouds to utilize the information with clicks not code! 

Install the App
in Salesforce

Connect your PIM
or other sources

views & pages

Deploy to your
Salesforce users