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Purpose-built on Salesforce

Now you can create world-class customer experiences because every client-facing team member sees the same, accurate information.

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Unify Product Information

Create One Central Source of the Truth

Establish a home for critical product information inside Salesforce and unlock information for everyone in the company who then passes the value onto customers.

Eliminate Data Silos

Pull all product  info into Salesforce, whether information is currently in a PIM, or in many disparate places, to streamline data exchange and standardize on one widely-shared system.

Promote Access

Unlock information and get the right info to the right place, and to the right people. Give a 360 degree view and real-time, up-to-date product info to all internal audiences.

Organize in the Right Place

Websites should not be the data repository for product data, it's the end, not the originator. Put product info where all things connect, your CRM.

More than a PIM

PIMs have limited capabilities and is only for the product owners. Pimly is a superior solution as no other PIM brings product info into your CRM and inherits every feature and function Salesforce has to offer, providing an elevated CRM user experience.


Pimly Data Management

Pimly Data Management App allows a user to edit product properties, manage product relationships, support multiple selling regions, and more.

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Pimly Experience

Pimly does more than provide standard PIM functionality. The Pimly Experience app configures rich and flexible interfaces, allowing CRM users to interact with product data in innovative ways.

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Pimly Product Data Lifecycle

The two Pimly apps work together to provide everyone from product owners, internal stakeholders and customers with the best product experience. The product information life cycle in Pimly:

For Product Owners

Manage product data in the Pimly Data Management App.

All structured and unstructured data.

Every product variant.

Property inheritance.

Pimly Data Management Product Owners screenshot

For Pimly Admins

Create custom components in the Pimly Data Experience App.

Channel grouping.

Manage by locals and regions.

Tailor Salesforce views based on roles.

Pimly Admin Screenshot

For CRM Users

CRM end users utilize the product data for day-to-day business operations.

Always up-to-date information.

Access anywhere, anytime.

Never leave CRM.

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Reinventing Product Information


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Limited amount of information, no specs or images, or related products.

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360 degee view of the product, related product info, specs, warranties, you name it - Pimly has it.

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