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Advanced Product Data Model

Streamline your product information management with multi-level hierarchies and governed inheritance, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your product catalog.

Tailor and validate product data for specific channels and locales, while easily managing product relationships. With our intuitive readiness calculation and reporting, quickly identify and address data gaps, keeping your product information accurate and market-ready.
Data Model

Digital Assets

Enhance your product catalog with robust Digital Assets from images and videos to supporting documents, directly related to products and their parents through intuitive relationships and inheritance.

Pimly's Digital Asset Import Wizard and bulk upload features enable secure, CDN-enhanced assets without impacting Salesforce storage limits, all while providing Salesforce users with visually appealing digital asset carousels to enrich your Salesforce experience.
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Pimly AI

Pimly AI introduces Ory, a generative AI assistant designed to revolutionize the way you create product information. Ory securely and swiftly generates unique, targeted content for various channels and locales, ensuring your product information is not only accurate but also perfectly tailored to meet the diverse needs of your global audience.
Pimly AI

Salesforce Extensibility

Seamlessly connect your product data across all your Salesforce Clouds, enhancing B2B/D2C Commerce with automated synchronization and enriching Sales and Service workflows with direct access to detailed, image-rich product information.

Its flexible architecture, supported by REST APIs and advanced Apex functions, ensures Pimly fits perfectly within your Salesforce ecosystem, making product data more accessible and actionable for every user.
Salesforce Extensibility
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Pimly simplifies how you share your organized product data with major commerce sites and marketplaces via Channels and Locales.

Pimly ensures your product information is ready for third parties and provides optionality for delivering it there, making it easier to expand your online presence so your product information is accurate everywhere, for everyone.

Purpose-Built Connector

Unify Salsify PIM and Salesforce CRM with Pimly's Purpose-Built Connector, designed to automatically synchronize your product data, relationships, and digital assets effortlessly. It's incredibly intuitive and easy to set up, offering a secure and stable connection without the need for complex integrations.
Purpose- Built Connector

Salsify your Salesforce

Bring the power of Salsify into Salesforce with Pimly's Lightning Web Components, allowing seamless access to product data and assets across CRM, Experience, and Commerce sites. This integration enriches your Salesforce ecosystem, mirroring the exceptional Salsify experience directly within your Salesforce interface.
Salsify your Salesforce

Product Data for Everyone

With Pimly, your product data and content break free from being siloed in separate systems and become readily available right within Salesforce, the platform you use to run your business.

This connection ensures that all your teams have immediate access to the information they need, streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making across your organization.
Product data

Connect to B2B/D2C Commerce

Pimly simplifies what was once a challenge: seamlessly send product data from Salsify into your B2B/D2C Commerce experiences on Salesforce, overcoming obstacles that previously made this connection difficult.

With Pimly Flash, you gain the ability to operate from a single, true source of product data across all your sales channels, ensuring consistency and efficiency no matter where or how you're selling.
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ROI You Can Count On

Unify Information

Unifying product and customer data creates on Salesforce enhances personalized customer experiences, streamlines operations, and drives more informed business decisions, allowing your team to sell more and resolve customer issues faster.
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Boost Efficiency

Connect product information with the business. Save valuable time for stakeholders in sales, marketing, and service by eliminating the hassle of searching for product information for hours

Grow Revenue

Strengthen opportunities by arming sales and service with the best, latest and complete product data, sell sheets and digital catalogs. All in the system they’re already in - Salesforce.

Expand CRM Adoption

Maximize your Salesforce investment. Expand current Salesforce functionality for current CRM users and enlist new users to the platform.

How It Works

Step 1

Information Aggregation

Pimly flexibly pulls in disparate product information and content from various sources like ERP systems, spreadsheets, PLM, DAM, and even Salsify because it is purpose-built on Salesforce. This ensures all your product information is gathered in one place, ready for the next phase.
Step 2

Catalog Organization

Once Pimly has all the product information and digital assets, it organizes everything into a neatly managed product catalog. This organization makes introducing new products to market and updating existing ones simpler and quicker, streamlining your product management process.
Step 3

Information Distribution

Leveraging its Salesforce foundation, Pimly then distributes this organized product information across your Salesforce Clouds, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud etc. This unique capability allows for the creation of exceptional experiences tailored to the needs of different Salesforce users and customers.
Step 4

Enhanced Selling and Service

With accurate product information readily available across all Salesforce platforms, your teams can sell more effectively and resolve customer issues faster. This comprehensive access to product information empowers your organization to improve sales performance and customer satisfaction significantly.

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