May 29, 2024

Top 10 Ways to Simplify and Organize Your Product Data for Speed

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Top 10 Ways to Simplify and Organize Your Product Data for Speed

In today's fast-paced market, managing product data efficiently is crucial for staying competitive. Here are ten considerations and strategies to help you simplify and organize your product data and content for speed, leveraging key features of an advanced PIM solution like Pimly:

1. Advanced Product Data Model: Utilize multi-level hierarchies and inheritance to structure your product catalog in a way that reflects your business's complexity while maintaining simplicity and navigability.

2. Product Relationship Management: Establish product relationships between disparate products to utilize products commonly sold together, related accessories & parts, or other groupings in your CRM and Commerce workflows.

3. Digital Assets Integration: Incorporate images, videos, and documents directly related to products, ensuring rich and engaging product presentations across all platforms.

4. Channels & Locales Customization: Tailor product information by channel and/or locale, allowing for targeted and relevant product displays that cater to diverse customer bases.

5. Pimly Flash for B2B/D2C Commerce: Leverage automated synchronization to ensure your Salesforce B2B/D2C commerce storefronts and CMS are always updated with the latest product information and assets.

6. AI-Powered Content Creation: Employ Ory, our generative AI assistant, to quickly and securely generate unique product information, optimizing content for various channels and locales with minimal effort.

7. Efficient Data Import and Export: Use UI-based Data Import and Export Wizards for straightforward data loading and exporting, streamlining the data management process with CSV format support.

8. Digital Asset Management: Simplify digital asset handling with the Digital Asset Import Wizard, enabling bulk uploads and secure CDN storage for all your product-related digital assets.

9. Data Governance and Validations: Implement data governance strategies with product "inheritance models" and create validation rules to ensure product data integrity and readiness across your catalog.

10. Custom Product List Views and Salesforce Sandbox Support: Customize product list views for efficient data access and rely on full compatibility with Salesforce sandboxes for testing and development without disrupting your live environment.

By focusing on these key areas, you can dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of your product data management. Pimly stands out as the ideal solution for B2B companies using Salesforce, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify complex product data, enhance digital asset management, and ensure data integrity and readiness. 

Embrace Pimly to transform your product data management into a streamlined, efficient process that supports faster product introductions and updates, ultimately driving better sales performance and customer satisfaction.

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